The Mozaic Project - A 245 acre land regeneration project located in the heart of Center Valley in Chimacum, Washington. The land is a diverse mix of rich valley bottom soils, upland pasture areas and timber regrowth. The vision is a diverse mix of plants, animal, fungi, and bacteria, iving in concert and providing livilihoods and food for the people of Jefferson County. Each project is vetted to ensure that the goals of land regeneration and local food sales are at the core of the venture. The future of a diverse, resilient and healthy living are all possible and within reach with some simple planning and effort to grow what we eat along with food and habitat for all the creatures we live amongtst. 


"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now" - Chinese Proverb




The Land

Chimacum Creek - The land is bisected by Chimacum Creek. A once, meandering and now ditched and barron of riparian habitat. We hope to reestablish some of the creek's original path through the land. This is a multi-year and multi-agency endeavor, which we hope will greatly improve coho salmon rearing habitat along Chimacum Creek.

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Cedar and Maple Forest - Mozaic was once home to large towering cedars and robust big leaf maple. Those trees were gone upon the forming of The Mozaic Project. The new forest is growing and the new stands will be managed as a resource for the local community.